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Solar Panel PV System

Solar Panels

Our personal approach to solar – including design, project management and installation – allows you to benefit from industry leading advice and delivery from a local and experienced installer.

Working across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, we are technically led, rather than sales driven and we will spend as much time as required to ensure we offer the best renewable system for you. Our emphasis is on honest advice and well designed, properly installed systems using quality components.

Solar PV is a very accessible renewable technology and panels can be fitted to most properties. A typical solar PV installation will be fitted on the roof or ground-mounted. Ideally, a solar PV system needs to be free of shade to get the best efficiency and produce maximum power.

Your journey with us

  1. Consultation
    First of all we will look at your site and assess whether solar might be suitable. Next we’ll ask lots of questions such as how much power you use and when you use it. Also what might affect your consumption in the future, such as charging an electric vehicle or installing air/ground source heat pump. What your motivations are – financial benefits or reducing your carbon footprint or a bit of both.
    From this, one of our technicians will design your solar system, incorporating battery and EV charger if required and we will send you a proposal with costings. On deciding to go ahead, we will visit you if we haven’t already for a more detailed survey and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Installation
    Home installations can take between 1-3 days while business installations can take a little longer, timings for both depend on the size of system and complexity of your site. Disruption is kept to a minimum and we might need to have your power off for a short time. Scaffolding usually goes up a day or two before and is taken down soon after. Once the system is up and running we do a thorough handover to ensure you have full understanding of how the system functions and get your installation online to enable monitoring and control via an online portal on your smart devices.
  3. Paperwork
    Then we make all the necessary notifications to building control and your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). We email the necessary paperwork so you can sign up with your energy supply for export payments and this will be followed by a handover pack which will contain copies of all your certificates, warranty information and information regarding operation and maintenance of your solar system. Once you are all happy, you will receive invoice for payment.

Our preferred solar modules offer a warranty for 25 years on workmanship, defects and linear performance output.  We offer a range of efficiency and styles to suit your requirements.

Our preferred inverters offer a 12 year warranty and have been developed for intelligent energy management for over 15 years.

It’s important to design a system that’s right for you – we’re here to help so come and talk to us.

Solar panels are often mounted on roofs by fixing them to aluminium rails which in turn are fitted via brackets fixed under the tiles to the rafters. Alternatively, an integrated system can be used, meaning the panels lie flush with the roof covering.

Integrated solar panels on house slate roof

Integrated solar panels on garage

In order to get the most from your system it is important that you are able to monitor its performance and to check it is functioning properly.

Knowing how much power is being generated at any time enables you to maximise self-consumption. We offer a range of monitoring systems, including handheld, smartphone and online.

By investing in a solar system for your home you may generate more power than you use enabling you to sell electricity back to your energy supplier. See our Financial Incentives page for more information.