Solar PV Panels from Solarkinetics. Solar Electric Power for homes and businesses in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

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    We're very happy to be taking enquiries again for quotes of all kinds.
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Latest News…

There’s a lot to celebrate as we reflect on the previous 12 months. The unprecedented interest we’ve had over the last year is great news for solar and renewable energy, but if it has meant you have experienced a delay, we apologise. We are steadily working our way through a backlog of very patient people. To help things along we have taken on a new installer Kieron, and a new administrator, Carol.

If you haven’t registered your interest with us already, you can do so here, but please bear with us if you don’t get an instant response.

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The Solarkinetics Team


Solar Panels for your home

You can save money on your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your home and all the while enjoy a tax free income! Find out more

Solar Power your business

Provide a reliable means of energy generation and an effective way to reduce carbon emissions as well as making a statement about your green credentials. Find out more

Solar Power your community

You can benefit from industry leading advice and delivery from a local and experienced installer to maximise the potential of your community enterprise. Find out more

About Solarkinetics

Solarkinetics are specialists in installation and design of new systems as well as maintaining existing equipment to ensure it remains efficient. Find out more