Solar PV Panels from Solarkinetics. Solar Electric Power for homes and businesses in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Commercial Solar Panel for business

Do you already have a solar PV system installed at your business?

Solarkinetics can offer a low cost maintenance and system check service ensuring your system is running at its best.


Solar Panels for your Business

Solar PV systems on commercial buildings provide a reliable means of energy generation and an effective way to reduce carbon emissions as well as making a visual statement about your green credentials.

We have worked with a range of sectors including, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics and Retail.  See our Case Studies for more details.

PV systems can be fitted to almost any roof structure; we have tried and tested solutions for a range of installation methods. Ideally, a solar pv system needs to be free of shade to get the best efficiency and produce maximum power.

Installing solar PV at your business premises will reduce your running costs, especially if your premises are in operation primarily during the day. For high energy consumers, you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your solar panels will pay for themselves.  And if your panels generate more electricity than you use, there is the opportunity to sell it back to the grid under the Smart Export Guarantee.

Financial security of your investment is paramount. Our combination of a five year independently insured warranty, local supply chain and complete turnkey solutions will ensure your investment is secured.

Our preferred solar modules offer a warranty for 25 years (manufacture,defects and linear performance output) and a range of efficiency and style to suit your requirements.

Our preferred inverters offer a 12 year warranty and have been developed for intelligent energy management and have been manufacturing for over 15 years.