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Solarkinetics Limited is a Herefordshire based enterprise
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Jaine and Gordon Yule Solarkinetics

Our directors Gordon and Jaine Yule have over 18 years’ experience in the building industry and 14 years installing Solar PV systems

Established in 2010, Solarkinetics has the enviable reputation for delivering a professional service, where each system is designed around our clients’ specific needs. We are a member of RECC – The Renewable Energy Consumer Code, which gives: “information, confidence and reassurance to anyone wishing to buy or lease a micro heat or power generation unit for their home”.

All our installers work for us and are not subcontractors. They are well trained individuals with a personal and friendly approach. Good communication is key to our customer satisfaction.

We are fully MCS accredited  – this enables all our customers to benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee available to homes and businesses generating electricity.

MCS Certified            REEC

Solar. Batteries. EV Chargers.

Solar panels and batteries -  it’s possible to run all year round without ever paying more than off-peak. Make use of off-peak tariffs to import and store power when the price of electricity is at its lowest. Solar can also charge your car for free. Why not get in touch for a quote.

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