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Solar Panel PV System

Frequently Asked Questions

What size system do I need?

There are a number of factors to take into account when planning what system is right for you; budget, available space and energy output required. Other things to consider are how much time you spend during the day using electricity whilst it’s being generated on your roof.   If you actually use the majority of the power you generate, you are reducing your bill by the rate you pay your network electricity supplier (on average 14 pence/unit).  If you don’t use it and sell it back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee you’ll be paid the rate set by your supplier  – see the most recent league table here .

How do I know how much I’ve generated?

As part of every system we install, we fit an approved Generation Meter. This digital meter will keep a running total of every unit you generate. On top of this we will usually supply a wireless monitor which will show how much you are generating at that moment as well as a host of historical data including a graphic display of the days production, production over the last months, days and years, and a guide to C02 savings you’ve made.

How much does a system cost?

As an approximate guide, at today’s prices, it costs around £1,200 per Kw installed, plus VAT at the reduced rate (currently 5%) but it will of course vary on every installation depending on factors like access to your roof, location, overall system size etc.  In recent years, prices have decreased steadily and continue to stay at an attractive rate, meaning that the return on your investment and payback times have remained fairly constant.  Get in touch to discuss your needs for an accurate quotation.