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As the inverter is the heart and brain of your solar PV system, reliability is key.  We only recommend products tried and tested over many years.


Solar inverters convert DC power from solar modules and what’s stored in DC-coupled batteries to AC power for use in the home or business with excess fed into the grid.

The inverter’s intelligent energy management software monitors electricity produced by the solar modules, maintains important grid parameters and, upon request, can control the power loads automatically to help you get the most out of your solar PV system.

Our preferred solar inverters are manufactured by SolarEdge, Fronius and SMA.

Solar inverters SolarEdge Fronius SMA

Inverter sizes are expressed in kW. The inverter is normally sized lower than the kWp of an array as inverters are more efficient when working at their maximum power and most of the time the array is not at peak power.

There are single-phase and three-phase inverters. Homes are usually on single-phase electricity while businesses and industrial spaces with a higher power requirement are on three-phase.

Note: Your inverter should be installed in a garage or outbuilding instead of a loft. It’s cooler here; the extreme heat in a loft, especially on a day when the inverter is working its hardest further raising its operating temperature, shortens its life and reduces the amount of energy it can generate.

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SolarEdge is one of the market leaders manufacturing inverter optimised systems that’s perfect when there’s some shading on the solar modules. Behind each panel is a DC optimiser which performs the role of MPPT, ensuring maximum current to the battery. This isolates any panel with shading or fault issues from each other.

These optimisers are connected to a central inverter which can work more efficiently as it is always presented with the same voltage from the panels.

Read Why SolarEdge has the “edge” our customers value.

Apart from increased generation with these optimisation features, there are other advantages:-

  • Pro-active maintenance: SolarEdge has the capability to identify faults and will then send an alert via email.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Many faults can be remotely pinpointed by the SolarEdge system meaning investigation time is greatly reduced.
  • Future proof: If there’s a panel failure it can be difficult to source a suitable replacement as panel technology moves on. With SolarEdge you can mix and match panels.
  • Great monitoring: System performance and energy consumption is displayed in real-time, shown as power flow illustrations, comparative graphs, and easy-to-read charts – all through a web interface, on any device.
  • 12-year warranty: This is 2 years longer than any other in the industry. The optimisers have a 25 year warranty and SolarEdge cover the costs of replacement including labour.
  • Safety: SolarEdge has arc fault detection, another feature unique to SolarEdge. Firefighters can also spray water on a SolarEdge optimised system because when the system is shut down the DC voltage is safe due to the optimisers isolating each panel from the next.

Our favoured SolarEdge inverters are the Home Wave and Home Hub, each available in single or three-phase, with sizes ranging from 2.2kW to 6K for single-phase and 3k to 10K for three-phase.

Home Wave Single-phase - Download Datasheet

Home Wave Three-phase - Download Datasheet

Home Hub Single-phase - Download Datasheet

Home Hub Three-phase - Download Datasheet


Synergy inverters are designed for commercial 3-phase installations sized at 50kW, 66.6kW & 100kW.

Synergy Three-phase - Download Datasheet

SolarEdge Home Wave inverter


Austrian inverter manufacturer, Fronius has an excellent reputation for service, quality and, most importantly, reliability. We recommend Fronius inverters where there’s no shading on the solar panels and where solar panels are installed on more than two different roof aspects.

With the Fronius inverters, it’s easy to add storage batteries at a later date suiting many of our customers.

Sustainability is important to Fronius. The company is ambitious in its plans to reduce the environmental footprint of its products. A key element of this is the inverter design which allows parts to be easily exchanged on-site if they become faulty, rather than replacing the entire unit.

If a Tauro inverter becomes defective after 10 years, one repair generates a maximum of 147kg of CO2 emissions. The exchange of the entire inverter, on the other hand, would have resulted in 1,133kg of CO2 emissions. Read more how Fronius is replacing “take-make-waste” with a circular design in Sustainability is part of Fronius’ DNA.

Fronius Solar.web monitoring tool shows you at a glance how efficiently you are using the energy from your PV system. It records all the key data and provides a clear overview of the energy flows in the home. This allows you to easily optimize your power consumption. You can find out, for example, whether a battery storage system is worthwhile or when’s the best time to turn on your tumble dryer to save even more money.

Our favoured Fronius inverters are the Primo GEN24 and the Symo GEN24, each with Plus editions and available in single or three-phase, with sizes ranging from 3kW to 10K (the GEN24 version includes an integrated basic backup power supply).

Tauros are commercial 3-phase 50kW & 100kW inverters.

Fronius Tauro - Download Datasheet

Fronius Symo Primo inverters

Primo GEN24 and Primo GEN24 Plus - Download Datasheet

Symo GEN24 and Symo GEN24 Plus - Download Datasheet


SMA have a high commitment to sustainability. Their aspiration is to practice sustainability in all areas of the company and to take a leading role in climate protection.

SMA inverters are produced in a net zero carbon factory in Germany. We supply the SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters when customers are looking to expand their existing SMA system. We also provide maintenance support for existing systems.

SMA Sunny Box - Download Datasheet

SMA Tripower - Download Datasheet

SMA Sunny Boy and Tripower inverters

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