REPLACEMENT OF FAULTY SOLAR PANEL INVERTER I have had a 3kw solar system on my home for 13 years and sadly have experienced failures of the SMA inverter on many occasions. Each time I have to get a specialist to install the replacement inverter which I get under warranty from SMA. The original installer will no longer support me in replacing the inverter so I had to find another company to help. I made contact with Solarkinetics when I had the latest failure. I have never used their services before but without hesitation they willing offered to help.The service I got has been first class considering the effort they had to put in to getting the replacement ,and putting up with me chasing them every day to get the inverter from SMA and installed for what can only be described as a very low value job. I only wish I had known about this company before and I would have had the original installation from them in the beginning. I can’t sing their praises enough, a great company and first class support. They come to my home installed the inverter, gave me some very helpful advise on my system and left everything in tip top condition. Thank you for a great service Solarkinetics.