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Ledbury, Herefordshire

Ledbury Leadon Way solar domestic
Ledbury Leadon Way solar on house roof
System Size 5.1 kWp
Generation 4,231 kWh
Solar Panels 14 x 365W REC Twin Peak 4
Inverter 1 x SolarEdge 5kW single phase
Battery 1 x SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh

When our client moved into a new build off Leadon Way, Ledbury, he saw the potential of using the south facing roof on the house for solar panels. “I wanted to make a good eco friendly investment and realised that solar panels could also bring long term savings on our electricity bill,” said Martin.

Our client chose Solarkinetics preferring to use a local solar installer rather than a national one and could see from the customer reviews, home owners were very satisfied with the service they had received from this family owned company.

“I found the team at Solakinetics friendly and polite, there wasn’t any hint of a hard sell. They were patient and informative in answering my many questions!” continued Martin. “I wanted solar panels that were reliable sourced and not made in a factory where child labour is prevalent.”

In spring 2023, Solarkinetics installed 14 x 365Wp REC Twin Peak 4 black solar panels, 1 x 10kWh SolarEdge Energy Bank battery and 1 x SolarEdge 5kW single phase inverter. Martin finds the battery provides ‘free’ power to use on days when it’s cloudy or raining and solar charging is reduced.

“We are selling power back to British Gas and our monthly electricity changes have decrease dramatically. Before we have the solar installed our monthly costs were in excess of £75, now the charges are around £30 and we’re getting £100+ back every 3 months from British Gas,” said Martin.

The installation proceeded on the day promised, with the work carried out without fuss and everything left in a clean and tidy manner on completion. “We love the installation,” concluded Martin. “With the app we can monitor usage and battery storage allowing us to utilise stored battery power on days when solar generated power is not so high.”