Solar PV Panels from Solarkinetics. Solar Electric Power for homes and businesses in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Dinedor, Herefordshire

System Size: 4kWp
Generation: 3748 kWh

Modules 16 x REC 250 PE BLK2
Inverter 1 x SMA SB-3600 TL
Framework GSE

Our clients approached us after having been let down by another contractor who had promised to complete the work by a definite date and had been unable to do so; it left us with a challenge to meet this deadline. It was mid-December, so potential weather issues and short daylight meant the race was on. The house is a new build project and the clients were very keen to take advantage of the fact that the roof was not yet completed to look at all types of array to get the best yield of course, but also to have a roof that is aesthetically pleasing. We advised using black panels which matched the proposed roof covering of traditional slates particularly well and to set them in an integrated mounting system from GSE, so they sit flush with the rest of the roof. (This type of system can be retro-fitted on existing roofs, but works particularly well with new build or renovation projects)

Thanks to the ability of our regular suppliers, Wind and Sun, we were able to order and collect the components for the system at short notice and whilst the preparations were underway for the outside work we were able to arrange for the EPC and feed in tariff paperwork to be ready for submission as soon as the system was commissioned in late December. Now as our clients approach their first winter in their new home, they can be sure that they are running their household in a way that is having a low environmental impact and keeping running costs down.