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A K Industries, Hereford Enterprise Zone

A K Industries solar on factory roof
A K Industries solar Hereford
A K Industries solar on roof


System Size 480kWp
Generation 387,360kWh
Solar Panels 1280 x 375W REC Twin Peak 4
Inverter 2 x Solaredge 100kW Synergy Manager and 1 x Solaredge 50kW Synergy Manager
Mounting Trapezoidal roof mount

As the premier manufacturer of injection mould plastic parts for medical, water management, electronics and defence markets, the factory at A K Industries has a high energy bill, consuming 1.3MWh of electricity annually.

In 2022, not only was there a lot of volatility in the energy market but material costs also increased dramatically. To stabilise business costs as much as possible, A K Industries decided to investigate what savings were achievable from installing a solar system.

Sam Green, Managing Director at the company, sought the advice of Solarkinetics to specify a solar system with the solar panels fitted to the factory’s roof and determine the resulting pay-back time.

With a pay-back forecast to be just 2 and a half years, it was easy to justify installing a solar system that will be producing power for many decades. In fact, the solar panels came with a 25 year warranty on workmanship, defects and linear performance output

In 2023, a solar installation of 1280 x 375Wp REC Twin Peak 4 were installed along with three inverters: 2 x Solaredge 100kW Synergy Manager and 1 x Solaredge 50kW Synergy Manager.

“A K Industries is a family business as is Solarkinetics and this was a huge attraction,” said Sam.  “In business I find that the fundamental foundation for an effective working relationship is trust and confidence with those you work with – this I found with Gordon and Jaine, owners of Solarkinetics. Their customer focused approach was just what we wanted.”

The District Network Operator (DNO) limited export to 11kWh so at the weekend when the factory is closed not all the power generated is exported. Even so, the solar system is forecast to save £95K in 2023.

“Despite the solar system being large and taking three weeks to install, the team did an excellent job, without causing disruption to the business.

For A K Industries, the main driver was combating rising electricity costs, with the added benefit of supporting our sustainability targets,” added Sam.